Sean Martin

Sean Martin

Sean’s practice is limited to family law matters. In addition, Sean is a Certified Rule 31 Family Law Mediator.

About Sean Martin

Sean J. Martin has practiced family law in Middle Tennessee for 25 years. Following his judicial clerkship for a family law court in Davidson County, Tennessee, he began trying, mediating, and negotiating family law disputes of every description. He found immediate success in family law by applying the lessons he learned as a judicial clerk.

Over the years, Sean developed a reputation as a talented courtroom advocate and skilled negotiator, and known for his ability to bring difficult cases to conclusion. He credits the success he has enjoyed to his “time in the trenches,” as he calls it.

“The best lawyers have tried lots of cases, argued lots of motions. They have been involved in heated, marathon negotiation sessions where the stakes are very, very high. Basically, they’ve been in the trenches, have the scars to prove it and use all that to deliver results.”  — Sean Martin

Sean Martin as a Mediator:

In 2022 Sean completed the required coursework to become a Rule 31 mediator in the State of Tennessee.  Sean’s approach to mediation is unique, summarized in his own words below:

A little about my approach:

“I approach mediation believing the case can be resolved.

I approach mediation aware of the opportunity it presents for parties to be the architects of their respective futures and, if kids are involved, their futures too, rather than forfeiting such planning to a judge who may lack critical perspective.

I approach mediation as a positive process that seeks common ground respecting parties’ core values, which may differ significantly, rather than a negative process that forces parties to compromise their values.

I approach mediation prepared for an emotional journey that may include sadness, anger, frustration, and ultimately…hope.

Throughout, I look forward to that moment where parties can not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, but all that lies in store for them once they emerge from it.”


J.D., University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

B.A., University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

Professional Honors & Awards

Too numerous to mention.

Sean’s Publications

Sean has published dozens of articles in bar journals, magazines and on social media. Topics include:

  • Family Law
  • Mediation
  • Technology and the Practice of Law
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • U.S. History
  • Trial Practice
  • Tips for Litigators
  • Data Privacy

Top Presentations

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Top Testimonials

“Have known David Heller and Sean Martin for 20+ years. Highly recommend both of them. Dave did the estate plans and wills for my family. Sean finalized a 20 year post divorce property settlement in the middle of COVID and the winter holiday season. Thanks for your hard work, guys.” – Sheryl B.

“Honestly you are like finding a pair of designer shoes in the most popular size 7…. on clearance in Saks.” – Former Client

“Sean Martin was all the things you want in an attorney under these circumstances — professional, patient, experienced and totally focused on the outcome we wanted for our family. He did a wonderful job helping steer this to closure and worked effectively with both of us. It’s not easy to balance being one party’s advocate while working fairly with the other, but he made it look that way. Highly recommend him.” – Meredith D.

“I could write a book on how Sean Martin and his team helped me get through my divorce last year. He was dependable and always considered what was best for me and my children. Communication with Sean was outstanding. I knew if I had an urgent question I would hear from him in a timely manner. Sean’s staff went above and beyond on many occasions to ensure I understood every step of the process. Sean was honest and gave me common sense advice that I was able to apply to my situation immediately for a desired result. To this day if I need a question answered about the case I would not hesitate calling his office. Everyone has was so kind from day one. This tragic event did not break me. At times I honestly thought it would. Sean’s team stood beside me and made sure my children and I were taken care of. I cannot say thank Sean and his staff enough. They have been a blessing to us.” – Heather

“Sean Martin is the epitome of a southern gentleman. We have used Sean and his group for about 7 years now. He has been our attorney in regard to the custody of our little girl. He has been more like a family member than a lawyer. He has been there for us for every step in the game. After reading some of the other reviews I felt it necessary to rebut the negative ones from the anonymous internet troll. Everything that was said in those two reviews is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth. Sean has been supportive, available, and honest with us in EVERYTHING he’s ever done for us. Sean is, and will forever remain, top-notch people in our book!!” – Kera L.

“Sean handled my case with the highest professionalism. It was a very difficult time for me and his legal guidance was very helpful. He made himself available when I had questions, kept me updated and explained each step throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for more. If you are looking for an excellent and knowledgeable attorney I would highly recommend Sean Martin.” – Janice

“Mr. Martin is a wonderful caring person. My son was hurt in a motorcycle accident and spent many weeks in the ICU. Sean took care of everything without us having to worry about the legal side while we were caring for my son. He and his staff were excellent and I would recommend him to anyone. Not just an attorney, he has become family.” – Diane F.

“Sean took care of my divorce which was a bit heated. Ex was hostile and to say the least, a bully. Sean was caring, clear and concise throughout the divorce and was quick to step in and remind me that I was not alone. His paralegal Christina was also very helpful, quick to respond and most importantly very kind. This firm realizes that divorce is not an easy process and they go above and beyond to help facilitate a speedy and non-confrontational solution to everything!! His team is the perfect example of what a law firm should be, and frankly, anyone would be fortunate to have Sean represent them.” – Laura

“Sean represented me during my extremely difficult and highly emotional divorce case. We were up against a powerful, and unagreeable, divorce attorney. I give Sean my highest of recommendations. He guided me through the whole process with professionalism, grace, and honesty.” – Doug

“My case already stale after a driver ran a red light and hit me one night on my way home and I received counsel that was unqualified and overworked. Sean started my case from scratch 2 years later with state farm and their client. After several offers and appeals from Sean to get what we deserved, a settlement was made before trial and we can breathe easy. Also, Sean Martin has a secret weapon named LISA. She is Amazing to say the least. She gave me and my wife communication above and beyond anything we have experienced. If you want to have a Great Team Fighting for you as if it was his Own Case Call Sean Martin, I would again in an instant.” – Robert & Kristin