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At MHPS, our size is our greatest asset. We’re large enough to successfully handle complex cases, yet small enough to take a personalized approach that provides every client with the individual attention they deserve. Many law firms underestimate the value of regular communication with their clients, the importance of timely updates on ongoing developments, and what it means to respond quickly to their questions.

At our firm, we consider outstanding client service intrinsic to our identity and an essential standard governing every interaction. We’re not just your attorneys. We are advocates, educators, and providers of sound legal advice dedicated to comprehensive legal support while navigating you through the complexities of the law with empathy and understanding.

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At MHPS, we strive to provide exceptional legal services while maintaining an unmatched level of integrity, professionalism, and respect for our clients. We aim to combine rigorous legal expertise with compassionate service to better aid our clients in understanding their rights, planning for the future, and successfully resolving disputes.

Providing Exceptional Legal Services is Our Specialty

At MHPS, we’ve overlapped our practice areas by design, narrowing our scope to family law, estate planning and probate, both administration and litigation. This strategic focus enables us to more effectively help individuals and families plan their future, protect their loved ones, and find solutions to life’s legal challenges.

Dedication That Makes a Difference

Our team at MHPS is composed of experienced legal professionals, each offering a wealth of knowledge cultivated through years of practice. These accomplished attorneys uphold our core values by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to integrity, accountability, and exceptional client service.

Our dedication is guided by a sense of compassion and a desire to understand the unique circumstances of every client we serve. We combine professionalism with empathy, ensuring that every client receives not just legal advice, but also the support they need during challenging times.

At MHPS, Core Values Aren’t Just Principles.

They’re Our Practice.

Our core values at MHPS shape our practice and guide us in serving our clients:

Integrity: Our shared integrity is at the root of our success.

Accountability: We uphold high standards and hold ourselves accountable for the benefit of our clients.

Efficiency: We harness technology to enhance results and deliver real-time responsiveness.

Client Satisfaction: Our unwavering commitment to service and client satisfaction drives all our decisions.

Teamwork: We value each team member’s role, recognizing that every individual is integral to our success.

Talent Growth: We strive to attract and retain the best people, nurturing their talents to flourish.

People-First Approach: We value our people over our process, understanding the significance of finding and keeping top talent.

Problem-Solving: As professional problem solvers, we apply our expertise to navigate complex legal challenges to deliver successful client outcomes.

Experience: Our collective experience across various practice areas enables us to deliver consistent results while maximizing value.

Reputation: We take pride in the reputation we have built with our clients and within our community for honesty, skill, and excellence.

Innovation: Committed to innovation in delivering legal services, we continually evaluate our people, processes, and technology to remain at the forefront and exceed client expectations.

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