How to Write A Living Will

Making a living will is more than just writing the guidelines of how you want to be cared for should the unthinkable happen. While you may think it could be done on your own, it’s best to have the help of an estate planning attorney to create the proper legal documentation of your living will. Knowing what you need to write a living will is complicated, but MHPS can help.

How to Write a Living Will In Tennessee

In Tennessee, a “Living Will” is also known as an “Advance Care Plan”. In order to write one, you must have the following information:

  • Principal’s name, the agent, and an alternative agent
  • Agent`s name, address, telephone number, and the relation of agent to the principal

Elements of the document that are critical are the quality of life factors which must be detailed explicitly to avoid confusion. This includes health options for:

  • Permanent unconsciousness
  • Permanent confusion
  • Dependent in all activities of daily life
  • End-stage illness

A determination of the following treatment options must also include:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Life support/Artificial support
  • Treatment of new conditions
  • Tube feeding / IV fluids

Other options include organ donation for:

  • Donate any organ or tissue
  • Donate whole body
  • Donate specifically named items

Considerations For Multiple Advanced Directives

If you have more than one living will, it will be imperative that a notary has signed your most recent document so that it is current to your wishes. When working with an estate planning attorney, you will want to ensure that they too have the most recent documentation on file.

Once you have notarized and worked with an attorney, the living will takes effect immediately. But you can still revoke it at any time. Planning for the future can be emotional, but MHPS can help.

Our Nashville Estate Planning Lawyers are Ready to Help With Your Living Will

By creating a living will, you are putting your life and your future in someone else’s hands. The Nashville living will lawyers at MHPS can advise you on how to get your wishes across and help you select the correct person to be your power of attorney. Now is the time to plan for the worst. Contact our Nashville living will lawyers today.

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