How to Choose a Probate Attorney

When someone contests or believes part of the estate is invalid, be it a will, a trust, or a conservatorship — litigation may be necessary to clarify the matter. That means you need a skilled Tennessee probate attorney who can fight for your rights in the courtroom. But how do you choose a probate attorney to represent you and your family? The Nashville probate litigation lawyers at MHPS have five tips on how to choose a probate attorney.

1. Research on the Tennessee Bar Association

If you have never needed the guidance of an attorney, you likely may not even know of reputable lawyers in your area. The Tennessee Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral Service, broken down by region.

Simply call the number listed for your area (East, Middle, or Southeast Tennessee) and explain the services you need. The referral service will put you in contact with an attorney and set up a consultation, usually at a discounted rate than the attorney’s normal fee.

2. Search Social Media

Suppose you have a list of probate lawyers that you’d like to screen before meeting with. Social media, Google My Business Reviews, and other online platforms are likely to have reviews of the attorneys you are interested in, giving you an idea of others’ past experiences.

Some attorneys even list testimonials on their website, so you can take a closer look at the attorney you would be working with, and how others’ experiences may reflect your needs.

3. Set Up Consultations

At this point, you’ve likely narrowed your selection down to one or two law firms. Set up consultations to get a feel for which firm is better suited to help you, and get to know the attorneys who will be taking your case.

4. Ask Questions

During the consultations and likely after, you will have questions about the probate litigation process. Be sure to put those questions out on the table so you not only understand the process, but so there are no grey areas as you begin the probate process.

Questions may include:

  • How long will my case take?
  • What issues should I be mindful of?
  • What assets will not be subject to probate?

The more knowledge you have going into the probate litigation process, the more comfortable you will feel in starting this legal relationship with the firm.

5. Start the Probate Process

Now that you have a probate attorney signed for your case, it’s time to begin the Nashville probate litigation process. Whether the issue is duplicate wills, contested trusts, or breach of fiduciary duty, the right Nashville probate attorney will be able to guide you and your family through the probate process with compassion and understanding.

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