Coronavirus Causes Many to Create Online Wills: What You Need To Know

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to plague our nation, it has many individuals thinking about their own end of life wishes, should something happen to them. As of March 26, Tennessee has 784 cases of the virus, with the number growing. As such, those who have not completed any estate planning measures are taking this time of unease to provide some clarity of what their wishes would be should they become ill or unable to make medical decisions for themselves. 

Given that much of the country is practicing social distancing and working remotely, it has many Americans utilizing online will creating websites. While it is a positive thing that individuals are thinking about the future, as the majority of Americans do not have wills, we have some cautionary information we want to share with you all about the risks associated with online will creation and how we can help you draft a will from the comfort of your home during this time. 

The Risks of Online Will Creation

We understand that now more than ever, the idea of being able to create your will to establish your end of life wishes seems tempting. However, there are risks of your will not being valid when you create it online. 

In Tennessee, for a will to be considered valid, it must:

  • Be created by someone who is 18 years or older and of sound mind;
  • Be signed by two witnesses
  • Be notarized

While some states have allowed for e-signing of wills, that’s honestly not the biggest worry for such documents to be considered valid.

Depending on the size of your estate, and what is to be included in your will, there is a lot of room for error in using appropriate wording and designation of assets in the will itself. For example, while an online will platform may ask you the same questions a lawyer would, the online service is not likely to check your wording or to make sure you have allocated assets to multiple people that should have only gone to one person.

The key is in semantics. It’s how your will is valid and ensures it will not be contested by the courts once you have passed. It also is just a good idea to have a lawyer work with you on your will to ensure no stone is left unturned and to make sure all legal requirements have been met.

How Can I Create My Will With Social Distancing Taking Place?

We know that you want to be ready if anything should happen to you, so your family will be taken care of. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve in our community, MHPS wants to reassure our clients that our top priority has been, and continues to be, to deliver exceptional legal services to you. 

Our team will be working remotely using our advanced firm technology and capabilities to keep the transition seamless. This includes us being able to work with you to create your will from the safe distance of your home. We can help you come up with the correct documentation, and do everything as we have always done to ensure that your will is valid under Tennessee requirements.

Contact Our Nashville Will Lawyers Now

Although there are many do-it-yourself programs out there that can walk you through the process, it’s best to speak with our Tennessee will lawyers to help you draft and make sure everything is set for when you do pass away. We will make sure your will is valid and no one will be able to contest it once you are gone. If you are considering creating a will, don’t hesitate much longer. 

Prepare for your family’s future today by contacting the Nashville will lawyers at MHPS today for more information.

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