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When a loved one passes away, the last thing you want is for their wishes to be ignored. With personalized help from experts in probate law and litigation, you can settle disputes coming between beneficiaries, challenge wrongdoing, and ensure that your loved one’s plans are faithfully executed.

Our qualified Nashville probate attorneys provide all the help you need to resolve probate disputes and help your family move on.

When Conflicts Arise during Probate Processes, You Need Trustworthy Legal Help

At MHPS Law, our probate litigation team is prepared to provide expert legal help you can trust with a personal touch to resolve disputes, mitigate stress and strain on family relationships, ensure fair treatment, and avoid unfavorable settlements.

Our probate services include mediating and resolving conflicts that may arise during the probate process, such as:

Conservatorship and Guardianship

Will Contests and Trust Litigation

Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Fiduciary Litigation

Probate Administration and Undue Influence

MHPS Law: Bringing Compassion and Care to Probate Litigation in Nashville

From our office in Nashville, our team of probate attorneys commit to helping Tennessee families solve probate issues, bridge familial divides, and move on from complex estate administration issues.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as professional, honest, and empathetic problem solvers dedicated to doing right by our clients and their families.

With our probate administration lawyers in your corner, you can count on a fair resolution.

Our Probate Litigation Services


Probate disputes can involve disagreements or allegations of wrongdoing related to the management and care of incapacitated family members.

Our conservatorship attorneys can assist in resolving disputes over the appointment, modification, termination, or alleged mismanagement of a conservatorship that may arise throughout the probate process.


The question of who should look after a minor following the passing of their legal guardian can be difficult to answer.

Our guardianship lawyers can help resolve appointment or custody disputes and navigate the Tennessee court processes for selecting and appointing a guardian to ensure that the child in question has somebody reliable and trustworthy to oversee their affairs.

Trust Disputes

Does a recently deceased loved one’s trust seem unfair? Do you have reasons to question its validity? Our trust litigation attorneys can help resolve disputes over the validity of a trust.

We’ll help you determine whether or not you have cause and legal standing to file a claim and guide you through the best course of action to resolve the dispute.

Will Contests

If your loved one was not of sound mind when putting together their will, was coerced or under duress, or did not know or approve of all elements of the will, you could have cause to contest its validity.

Our probate litigation lawyers can help you determine whether you can contest the will and lead you through the contesting process to minimize stress.

Undue Influence

There are times when a loved one may need assistance in planning their estate, but the assistance they receive may not always have their best interests at heart.

If you suspect a relative, caretaker, or attorney of having exerted undue influence in the writing of a will, our undue influence attorneys can help you prove your case and contest the will.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A person or entity selected as the executor, trustee, or representative of a loved one’s estate has a legal responsibility to fulfill their wishes. If the fiduciary acts contrary to that duty—for example, acting in their own self-interest instead of the beneficiaries, misappropriation of assets, or failing to comply with laws and regulations—our probate litigation attorneys can help you take legal action to remove them.

Understanding Undue Influence in Inheritance Cases

Understanding Undue Influence in Inheritance Cases

In our free eBook, you’ll learn what to do if a relative or caretaker manipulates one of your loved ones to control their inheritance.

  • Understand and recognize Undue Influence
  • Know your legal remedies
  • Prevent Undue Influence from occurring

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Client Testimonials

See what our past clients have to say about their experience with our team of experts in resolving estate litigation, fiduciary litigation, and other probate issues:

“This is a Top notch Law Firm. My attorney Matt Potempa was very helpful and has such expertise in estate and probate court. He is very efficient, knowledgeable, and caring plus a great office staff. I highly recommended Matt and this law firm of Martin, Heller, Potempa & Sheppard.”

Tiffany Marston

“Jennifer Sheppard with Martin Heller Potempa Sheppard handled probate proceedings for my family with expertise and professionalism. Jennifer and her staff were sincere and responsive, and respectfully guided my family through a very difficult time. We especially appreciated the straightforward and efficient way they handled any issues that arose during the process. I would recommend the firm to anyone needing estate planning or probate services.”

Wendy Monday

“MHPS is a top-notch estate planning firm. My firm works exclusively with affluent clients as a personal risk manager and insurance broker, so I get to see the work of many various attorneys. I’ve spent a significant amount of time interviewing estate attorneys looking for ones that understand their important role in overall risk management strategy for clients and MHPS is easily a favorite because of their expertise.”

Ryan McKinney

Solving Probate Litigation Issues with MHPS Law

From the initial consultation to claim resolution, our probate attorneys work with you every step of the way to empower you in resolving probate disputes and ensuring your loved one’s wishes are respected.

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Our probate litigation experts will walk the extra mile with you in court to help you seek justice and get the best possible resolution for your family’s probate dispute.

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