New Year, New Modifications to Parenting Plans

2020 has lead to many families changing in many ways. With millions out of work and children learning from home instead of inside school buildings, many parents have had to make sacrifices to stay afloat during these challenging times. But when divorce is part of the equation, the need to modify parenting plans may be even more necessary.

With the new year days away, now may be the time to modify your parenting plan and get your family on the right track for the months to come.

When can modifications to parenting plans be made?

In cases where a pre-existing child custody arrangement exists, in order to modify the agreement, one parent must prove there was a material change in circumstances. Changes in circumstances can include:

  • A parent wishing to relocate with the child
  • A parent becoming unfit to care for the child
  • A parent becoming more capable of caring for the child, such as having a change in income, overcoming hardship, etc.
  • Change in work schedule
  • Changes to the child’s needs
  • A failure to abide by the original parenting plan by one or both parents.

While these can change the parenting plan, physically relocating or changing the parent who will have primary responsibility and custody of the child can be more difficult. When it is just a change in parenting time, the court has a simplified process.

The courts will ask what has changed in the child’s day-to-day life. Should it be a result of a change in income, the number of hours worked by a parent, or even a change in the child’s schedule–such as a result of COVID-19 school closures, the judge will work to come up with a parenting plan that reflects the needs of the child and both parents alike to ensure that the schedule will work.

However, many parents have likely been changing their schedules without formally altering the parenting plan. While in the short term it may seem fine, the reality is that over time it can create complications. This is why it is imperative to review the current parenting plan and modify it to reflect the needs and schedules of all parties involved. And MHPS can help.

Utilize the New Year with Modifications to Parenting Plans With MHPS Law

2020 has proved difficult for so many. But with the new year on the horizon, now is the time to modify parenting plans to reflect the changes of the last year.

For decades, the Nashville child custody lawyers at MHPS have been helping clients across the state by modifying their permanent parenting plans. Our attorneys will walk you through the process and help you with the paperwork.

If you are considering a modification to your permanent parenting plan, you’re going to need an experienced family law attorney to help you. Contact MHPS now to learn more.

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