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Broken Bones and Fractures

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Sometimes breaking or fracturing a bone is little more than a painful inconvenience. However, especially in children or the elderly, these injuries may become more complex, requiring surgery and leading to long-term effects. When another individual or entity’s negligence has caused a serious fracture, the Nashville personal injury lawyers at Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard work tirelessly to help victims pursue appropriate compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered a broken bone in an accident, you should contact us today to find out more about your legal options.

Causes and Types of Broken Bones

Medically, a broken bone is known as a fracture, which results when the bone is subject to an intense blow or repetitive twisting or stress. Some fractures are more serious than others, and depending on the location and severity, these breaks may significantly undermine a victim’s ability to work, move, and enjoy other day-to-day activities. Fractures may occur in arms, legs, hips, ribs, or the back or neck. Some common fractures sustained in accidents include:

  • A complete fracture that goes entirely through the bone;
  • A displaced (or open or compound) fracture when a bone breaks in two or more places, usually as a result of a sudden impact; or
  • Bowing, which occurs when a bone is bent but does not break.

Fractures may be treated with realignment and immobilization, which in less severe cases requires the use of casts, splints, or braces. When a bone sustains a more extensive fracture, a victim may require surgery for insertion metal plates, rods, or screws as well as long-term rehabilitation.

Pursuing Damages as an Accident Victim

Broken bones may result from truck or car accidents, as well as a slip and fall or an incident of medical malpractice. Most of the time, these events result from negligent actions by one or more people. Victims may recover compensation for the costs associated with their injuries in a personal injury lawsuit. To prevail in these claims, victims, or plaintiffs, must establish that the defendant breached the duty of care owed to them, and that breach caused the broken bone. For instance, a patron of a store is owed a duty by that store’s owner, who must take reasonable precautions to keep the premises free from preventable hazards. If a customer trips on an uneven surface that has been in a state of disrepair for an undue amount of time, and the customer breaks their hip as a result, the property owner may be held liable for the damages associated with that injury. Victims often receive compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Consult a Nashville Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have sustained a fracture due to a motor vehicle accident or as a result of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, the Nashville personal injury attorneys at Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard can help you pursue legal action against the appropriate parties. Our firm assists people throughout Davidson and Williamson Counties, including in Franklin, Green Hills, Cool Springs, and Bellevue. You can contact us online or call us at 615-800-7096 to set up a free consultation and find out more about your legal rights and options. We can represent people who need a premises liability attorney or assistance with a wide range of other personal injury claims.