The Consequences of Distracted Driving Can be Life-Changing

Just a couple of months ago, the Tennessee legislature put a new law into effect that addresses distracted driving. Some say that the handheld cellphone ban was a long time coming. Interestingly, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reports that only 19 states prohibit all drivers from using hand-held devices of any kind.

The statistics regarding distracted driving and its relationship to automobile accidents are staggering. A study done in the insurance industry estimates that parents with young children are the most likely to be distracted while driving. Meanwhile, young adults aged 18-34 feel some pressure when it comes to answering their phone or responding to texts.

Truth be told, the real issue is what happens as a result of the distractions. When teen drivers are involved in automobile accidents, more than half are attributed to texting and driving.  Within all age groups across the nation, over 3,500 people die annually as a result of a distracted driving accident.

Cell Phones used for chatting or texting surely account for a great many crashes related to distracted driving. However, there are other types of distractions as well, such as:

  • Putting makeup on while driving
  • Reading a book or magazine
  • Changing the radio station
  • Attending to a child
  • Setting up directions on a GPS
  • Dog or another animal distracting the driver

In the meantime, it just takes a matter of a few seconds for a distracted driver to cause a serious accident.

Distracted Driving and Accidents

Picture this scenario. You are riding down the highway traveling at a high rate of speed. All of a sudden you notice a gentleman trimming his beard. As you do your best to get away from him, the fact that he’s using the rearview mirror is of no help.

Suddenly, and without warning, the man jets in front of your car. You have no room to stop. As you plow into his vehicle, your airbag explodes. Your injuries are severe, and it’s hard to maintain your anger.

Without question, this is one type of distracted driving accidents. However, people who aren’t paying attention cause other kinds of crashes as well. Count on them to be the ones who rear-end cars, or go through red lights or stop signs. In some cases, distracted drivers cram roadways as they crawl at alarming speeds.

The bottom line is that a distracted driver can change your life. In some cases, it can result in a fatality.

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