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A truck is much larger than other vehicles on the road, and consequently truck drivers have more blind spots to hinder their lines of sight. Drivers in cars do not always know when they are traveling in one of a truck’s blind spots. When a truck driver fails to check those areas when turning, changing lanes, or engaging in another maneuver, catastrophic accidents may occur. The Nashville truck accident lawyers at Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard, PLLC help victims pursue the compensation that they need to recover from injuries sustained in a collision. Our firm offers compassionate and seasoned legal advocacy so that people facing long-term recovery may properly focus on healing, while knowing that their legal needs are being met. If you have sustained an injury as a result of a truck accident, contact our office today to discuss your case and learn more about our legal services.

Dangers of Trucks’ Blind Spots

Due to their size and shape, trucks’ blind spots are larger and more plentiful than those on other types of vehicles. Blind spots refer to areas of the roadway that are not viewable by a driver, even when using side-view and rear-view mirrors. Trucks have blind spots on all sides of the vehicle, requiring drivers to look in many different directions when changing lanes or making wide turns. Other drivers can take certain precautions to avoid traveling in a truck’s blind spot, including:

  • Not traveling too close behind a truck;
  • Only staying in a truck’s blind spot when necessary or for short periods of time; or
  • If passing a truck, maintaining the same speed and only changing lanes once they can view the truck in their rear-view mirror.

Taking these precautions allows motorists to increase their safety, but a truck driver is still required to exercise proper care in making sure to check blind spots when moving through traffic.

Blind Spot Accident Liability

If a truck driver fails to look in the vehicle’s blind spots when needed, serious crashes may result, along with debilitating injuries. Victims injured in a blind spot accident may pursue legal action against a negligent driver, and sometimes their employer trucking company as well. Negligence is shown when a defendant has breached their duty to act as a reasonable and prudent person would act under the circumstances, causing a victim’s injuries and resulting in damages. A truck driver who switches lanes without glancing to check whether or not a vehicle is traveling in the truck’s blind spot would be found to have acted unreasonably. Additionally, the truck driver’s employer may be held vicariously liable for the driver’s negligence if the driver was acting within the scope of employment at the time that the collision occurred.

Truck accident victims may recover damages for past and future medical expenses, loss of income, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering if liability is established. Additionally, in the devastating event that a blind spot accident leads to a fatality, certain family members may pursue a wrongful death claim in order to assist with the costs of burial or funeral arrangements, outstanding medical bills, and their loss of support. Finding out exactly what led to a truck accident may require accident reconstruction, expert testimony, and the gathering of other evidence, such as a truck driver’s driving record or the company’s hiring and training practices. Consulting a seasoned attorney who can assist in these matters may be vital to ensuring that your claim is handled properly.

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